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Icsman likes role as city manager

Jason Singer • Jun 9, 2010 at 5:41 PM

Interim city manager Don Icsman might be in favor of removing the "interim" tag from his title.

In an appearance on "Between the Lines," a new Friday afternoon talk show at sanduskyregister.com, Icsman said he would consider becoming the full-time city manager.

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The city will begin searching for a permanent manager sometime this summer.

"I wouldn't rule that out," Icsman said of seeking the full-time position. "If my bosses think I'm doing a good job and wouldn't peremptorily rule me out, I'd like to consider it."

Icsman, the longtime law director in Sandusky, has served as both law director and city manager since November.

Before becoming an official candidate, however, Icsman said he would need to speak with his fellow employees and make sure they believe he's the right person for the job.

The city would likely then need to fill its law director position in Icsman's absence.

"I wouldn't recommend (continuing to do both jobs)," Icsman said.

At the last city commission meeting, ex officio mayor Dan Kaman appointed city commissioners Pervis Brown, Julie Farrar and John Hamilton to spearhead the city manager candidate search.

Brown said Tuesday the trio would definitely consider Icsman for the full-time position, if that's what Icsman wanted.

"I'm a firm believer in promoting from within," Brown said. "So we would definitely look at him."

Brown said the trio will meet sometime this month to begin discussing the search.

In addition to talking about the city manager's position, Icsman also discussed the Kim Nuesse civil service appeal on "Between the Lines."

Icsman said if Judge James Sherck upholds Nuesse's reinstatement as the city's police chief, he would recommend to the city commission that they not continue to appeal the case.

"At least for me, and a lot of people I know, we want it to be over," Icsman said.

He stressed that it's up to city officials to decide whether or not the city will appeal the case, and it's not the decision of city attorney Margaret Cannon or other representatives from the insurance company.

"It's time for it to be over for everyone's sake," Icsman said. "Matt (Kline)'s not here anymore. So there's no reason -- whatever the decision is -- it would be my recommendation that we not appeal that anymore."

Former city manager Matt Kline fired Nuesse in June 2008.

After months of hearings, the Sandusky Civil Service Commission reinstated Nuesse in October, saying the city had no grounds for termination. Within minutes, Kline and the city appealed the decision to Erie County Common Pleas Court.

Last November, city commissioners fired Kline for making allegedly racist remarks and for breaching his fiduciary duty to the city.

The following month, Nuesse won a seat as a city commissioner.

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