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Unsportsmanlike conduct: Coaches fight after game

Heather Chapin-Fowler • Jun 3, 2010 at 1:39 AM

A fight between two Little League coaches resulted in at least one of them resigning his position over the weekend.

The other coach was also apparently going to be relieved of his duties, a Huron police report stated.

Brian Gorby, who coaches a team of 9- and 10-year-old children, called the Huron Police Department on Friday to report the fight.

Gorby said he didn't want to pursue charges against fellow coach Richard Harrold, but wanted to document the incident.

Gorby and Harrold were coaching two separate teams when they began to fight after the game ended, he told police.

Harrold was "laughing and being arrogant" after the game, Gorby told police. When Gorby asked Harrold what he was laughing at, Harrold told him "at your kids," Gorby said.

Harrold and Gorby exchanged words, and Harrold then made a comment about Gorby's wife, Gorby told police.

Police contacted Harrold, who told a different story.

"Mr. Harrold advised that when the game ended, he was smiling as he was walking off the field," the report stated.

Harrold told police Gorby asked him not to smile at his wife, the report stated. Harrold told Gorby, "I can smile at you, too," the report stated.

Gorby allegedly came out of the dugout, "got face-to-face with him, and chest- and head-butted him, knocking him off his balance," Harrold told police.

Harrold admitted to punching Gorby, striking him "below the chin," the report also stated.

A short time later Gorby apologized to Harrold, asking for a truce, Harrold told police.

The police told Gorby to contact Michael Everman, president of the Huron Baseball and Softball Program.

Gorby called police to tell them he had voluntarily resigned his coaching position "for the good of the league and his family," the report stated.

When police told Harrold that Gorby quit the coaching job, Harrold said he wouldn't resign his position.

"Mr. Harrold continually asked me if smiling was illegal and (said), 'All I did was smile,'" the report stated.

Everman told police he intended to contact Harrold and ask him to voluntarily resign his post, the report stated. If Harrold wouldn't agree to resigning, Everman said he intended to tell him his services were no longer needed, the report continued.

Everman and Gorby didn't return phone calls seeking comment Wednesday. A telephone number for Harrold couldn't be obtained. Another coach, David Lenyo, Harrold's son-in-law, referred all questions to Everman.

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