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Commentary • Apr 30, 2010 at 1:56 AM

Thumbs DOWN to the news of Thakar closing its production. Aside from 20 jobs lost, that's a primary supplier of aluminum for industries that make other things out of aluminum. All we can hope for is a buyer to be found that will restart the plant.

Thumbs UP to the Toft's turbine with its cartoon cow painted on the pylon. Besides being green, it's something interesting on the skyline in the West End. We imagine it'll figure in plenty of we-were-there tourist pictures, too, after the ice cream's eaten on the pavilion.

Thumbs DOWN to cornfield complaints from a few neighbors in Huron development that's looking for something useful to do with land that's not selling at the moment. There are worse neighbors than a cornfield.

Thumbs DOWN to the high-hatted abuse being thrown at the Humane Society of Ottawa County, which took steps to save starving horses, whatever the court system ends up deciding about owner Robin Vess. In particular, the Arabian horse rescue group needs to get off its -- pun intended -- high horse and acknowledge it would not even have known of the problem had the Humane Society and its volunteers not acted.

Thumbs UP again to Crystal Bowersox, who's apparently good even when she's not so good. And she's clearly having a good time up there on the "American Idol" stage -- and remaining herself. This lady will go to Hollywood, but we'll bet she won't "go Hollywood."

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