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LETTER: Vote for local control

Commentary • Apr 30, 2010 at 1:56 AM

Most of us voted against allowing casinos in Ohio last year. So did the majority of people in Columbus. It passed anyway. Now Columbus is getting a casino it doesn't want in a location where it's questionable if the infrastructure can support it.

This led local residents, civic organizations and business leaders to get together and find a better location for the casino. Issue 2 is a statewide ballot issue which will move the casino to Columbus' West Side, to a shuttered GM/Delphi plant.

This issue is really about giving Columbus local control. Voting yes allows residents of Columbus decide what is best for their community. We all want to have a say in what's happening in our neighborhoods, and for this reason, I urge you to support this community's attempt to pursue that control.

Vote yes on Issue 2.

Zachary P. Bleile


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