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LETTER: Thank a vet

Commentary • Apr 30, 2010 at 1:56 AM

There are no words to describe the feeling we have for our son who has recently been honorably discharged from active duty after serving four years in the Marines.

He had two tours of duty in Iraq and came back safe with just a few bumps and bruises, and for that we are greatly thankful to God and to the brave men and women in the military. He made us very PROUD.

To the many people who made our anxiety a little less during troubling times, we will be forever grateful. The mother for sharing with us how her Marine was doing and listened to how ours was doing. The dentist who found time for him when he was on leave and before going back to Iraq, for a cleaning and an exam FREE! The complete strangers for walking up to him to shake his hand and thanking him. The elderly lady who just had to hug him and say thanks at Wal-Mart (His face got red ... cool!). The people who provided complimentary meals at restaurants no matter where he went (totally free gourmet meal and drinks, in Pittsburgh. Wow!). The kind people who sent care packages -- his description of the goodies made our mouth water. The wonderful people who are making his transformation back to civilian life easer, giving him much needed household items and love (wine glasses too!). And last but not least, the little kids that would stare, with admiring eyes, when our son was in his dress uniform (gave ya goose bumps!).

So, may I suggest to everyone, if you see a military person, go to them and shake their hand and tell them thanks. You just never know, you might make a proud parent even prouder. God Bless America!

Dan and Janie Cross


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