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LETTER: Monaghan for progress

Commentary • Apr 29, 2010 at 4:11 AM

I encourage all voters to support Bill Monaghan for re-election as Erie County Commissioner.

Bill has been one to be fiscally responsible with the county budget. He demands that county departments be responsible as well. In these challenging economic times, he has also been one to realize the impact and magnitude the current recession has had on government resources and has taken quick and decisive steps to cut appropriate expenditures. As we all know, this is a thankless task but good government leadership requires that it must be done.

Bill has kept his pledge to seek more good-paying jobs for our area. The runway project at NASA Plum Brook Station is one such project that he is helping to pursue by fostering a proactive relationship with NASA and Congressional representatives to obtain initial feasibility grants. Bill recognizes that this project would bring more aerospace and related industry to our area.

Bill's support of the U.S. 250 sewer extension to Avery is another positive investment that will help set the environment for new industry and jobs coming to our area.

One face of leadership is analyzing all of the options and making sound decisions. Bill has shown that he possesses this trait. His extensive business experience has served all of us well.

Daryl L. Deering


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