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LETTER: Short-changed by Kaptur

Commentary • Apr 25, 2010 at 1:13 AM

Recently the Sandusky Register did an article on where the county's stimulus money was spent. Researching the source of the per capita information (Propublica.org) yielded some interesting results. The per capita amount spent for the Ohio 9th Congressional District is much lower than comparable amounts for the state and the nation. Combining the statistical data from portions of Lucas and Lorain counties with Erie and Ottawa shows that our congressional district is barely getting more than 50 percent of the national average of stimulus dollars spent (in a district that has higher unemployment than national or state averages).

We as voters need to look at this as another example of under-performing results of our current representation in Congress. In this year's primary, we have a unique opportunity to elect either Jack Smith or Rich Iott, neither of whom is a career politician, to oppose Marcy Kaptur in this year's November race. Our congressional district needs to follow the wave of change and do its part to "Clean The House" this fall.

Jeff Kerst


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