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REGISTER VIEWPOINT: Love thy neighbor, indeed

Commentary • Apr 23, 2010 at 5:20 AM

Thumbs UP for Rebirth Community Church in Port Clinton, whose program started with collecting canned food but now accepts and provides clothing for anyone in the community in need. Serves local community with a local face.

Thumbs UP to another church, Milan Baptist Church, that forgave those who not only trespassed against it, but wrecked the place and its congregation's carefully-done Easter service preparations. Love thy neighbor, indeed.

Thumbs UP for Larry Hamel-Lambert who revisited something he did 20 years ago, and in so doing, he provided a look at changing times and changing lives and a little bit of living history in his hometown, Milan.

Thumbs UP to Jeff and Jennifer Smith, whose hard work, enterprise and personality made the Better Half restaurant worth buying. Let's hope the new owners of the business -- the Smiths still own the building -- continue the same atmosphere that made the corner eatery not only a place to meet and eat, but a center of the revival in that part of town.

Thumbs UP to saving the bell -- specifically, the volunteers and donors who found the extra cash to restore to working order the bell of the Huron County Courthouse clock.

Thumbs UP and a side of hash browns to Sandusky County Sheriff Kyle Overmyer and his chickens which jail inmates will raise and eat, one more creative way to run the sheriff's office within budget and still do the job.

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