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LETTER: Library levy a bargain

Commentary • Apr 19, 2010 at 4:58 AM

I plan to vote for the Bellevue Public Library tax levy on May 4 because the library saves my family money while fulfilling our individual needs. Keeping our teenager entertained at no cost is not impossible! He always looks forward to Game On! @ BPL, utilizing the free WiFi and searching through the DVD collection. Also, the opportunity for him to preview new books in a series before purchasing them can save us money. We find the educational resources to be of great value too.

Our four-year-old loves selecting learn-to-read books, playing with puzzles and learning games, and using the computers loaded with age appropriate games. Her favorite day to visit the library is when she has Preschool Story Time!

My husband and I know we will be saving money on magazine subscriptions, expensive cookbooks and home or car repairs while browsing the periodical and nonfiction sections.

The Bellevue Library is the solution to serving our family's many needs in one spot and on a budget. I encourage all citizens that take pride in being cost efficient and helping our community grow, to vote for the Bellevue Public Library tax levy on May 4.

Heidi Musser


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