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REGISTER VIEWPOINTS: A study with promise in Perkins

Commentary • Apr 14, 2010 at 1:56 AM

Normally, our reaction to the news of another study is a big yawn. But this study is a promise of work to be done.

The state has OK'd $900,000 to pay for an engineering study of safety and traffic-flow improvements to be done along the Milan Road business and retail corridor, from Sandusky to Bogart Road.

Will there be more traffic lights, more and better "cutouts" -- access points from the road to the businesses lining it? How about service roads that help drivers enter and leave businesses without mixing it up too much with traffic on the main artery? How about sidewalks, as a group of Perkins High School students suggested after a class project in which they studied traffic and business needs along the corridor?

Sidewalks will, in fact, be worked into the plan, and Erie County Commissioner Pat Shenigo said the Perkins students deserve much of the credit for that.

The main thing about this study is not that it's a look at what we might want done, as so many expensive dust-catchers lining local government bookshelves have turned out to be over the years. This is a nuts-and-bolts look at how to do what we want done.

And that will be money well spent.

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