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REGISTER VIEWPOINT: Let's clean up our own messes

Commentary • Apr 14, 2010 at 3:29 PM

A sewer system that will stop sewage from Bay View from getting, untreated, into Sandusky Bay is a good thing.

Not sticking everyone else in the county with the bill is an even better thing.

Yes, the health of Sandusky Bay affects many more communities than just Bay View. But let the village pay for its solution the usual way: Taxes and assessments on the work and on the homes and properties that will directly benefit from cleaning up what's been called one of the worst shorelines in the state as far as sewer pollution.

Certainly, Sandusky has its own messes to clean up. We need to figure out exactly what damage is being done by the residue of century-old coal-gas production -- the infamous coal-tar "plume" -- we need to get on the ball about mercury contamination, having come right up on the deadline to do so without doing much more than asking for an extension, and our signs warning of combined-sewer discharge into the bay have been a sick joke for years.

So, yes, Bay View, we in Sandusky know when we point a finger at you, three fingers point back at us. And we all need to get our own rooms in order to protect the house that is Sandusky Bay.

Prepare the work and send out the bills. We see by the real estate transactions in the Sunday papers property prices are getting healthier in Bay View, so it's time to capitalize on that value and put in some more sewers.

A cleaner waterfront will, in the long run, only protect those property values.

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