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REGISTER VIEWPOINT: Erie County rebuilds troubled bridges

Commentary • Apr 14, 2010 at 3:29 PM

We've all heard the one about the bridge over troubled waters. In Erie County, it's often the bridges that are troubled.

But something's being done.

The Green Road bridge, on the line between Erie and Lorain counties, and the Stanley Road bridge in Vermilion Township are slated for demolition and replacement, with a combination of federal, state and local tax money.

They're listed by the county as being in the worst shape among its 130 bridges.

Those bridges range from impressive structures to ones so short you might not realize you're driving over a bridge at all.

According to the county's own rankings, the overall ranking for all the bridges is fair or better, and improving over the last decade, the county engineer's office says.

That's in part, said county project engineer Matt Rogers, because of a "fairly aggressive bridge replacement program. We want to build bridges that last."

Indeed, the two bridges up for replacement this month have lasted for a long time. The Green Road bridge is a century old and the Stanley Road bridge is half that.

But, as has been pointed out in Ecclesiastes and among our online comments, everything has a lifespan.

What's important is that the county engineer's office has kept itself aware of that when it comes to bridges, and is working to stay ahead of the game.

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