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LETTER: Oh, the health care horror!

Commentary • Apr 14, 2010 at 3:29 PM

I am an American, born and bred in Sandusky. I lived in a fine land where doctors were plentiful (if you could afford them), medicines were cutting edge (if you could afford them) and insurance was at your fingertips (if you were lucky enough to get a high paying job or work for McDonald's which had a large group plan, otherwise you were going to pay a massive amount for healthcare). Why, even when I was working a great job my country let me pay almost $120 a month in insurance, and another $70 or so per month for my prescriptions. When I was out of work they offered me COBRA, which gave me the same coverage for a mere $573 a month, and $175 for prescriptions. Those were good times.

I now live in an evil, socialized healthcare country. This awful country gave me a list the length of my arm of doctors within a mile of me who were taking patients. I could go to the main Web site and see how many doctors were at each practice, their specialization, whether they took walk-ins, if they had extended hours, and how many languages they spoke. Scoundrels! Then, I signed up for free and:

-- I get to see a doctor for free.

-- My meds prescribed are about $10 (U.S.) or less per month.

-- If I need a specialist, that is also free.

And mind you, because of my visa I am not allowed to work. So this is all completely free. When I am able to work, my taxes will pay for the healthcare of someone else who is new, or who may have recently lost their job and are not paying into the system.

A waking nightmare, I know. And yet somehow I, and everyone else in England, and the whole of the UK, and a host of other countries including the one north of you soldier on.

What a hellish life.

Shalene Shimer


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