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LETTER: No, it doesn't work

Commentary • Apr 8, 2010 at 12:32 AM

A recent letter writer says millions of vets have been treated at "virtually no cost at all to the vet, paid for by our tax dollars." Most Americans have no problem having our tax dollars pay for veterans health care. But, it should stop there. We do not want our tax dollars to pay for everyone who has the mistaken notion that the government owes them this. Or illegal immigrants who come here to take advantage of our government programs, but never contribute. Most importantly, to be forced to buy this insurance from the government is wrong and unconstitutional. Hopefully our Supreme Court will uphold our rights.

Several months ago, Reader's Digest published an article about the horrible, appalling care given to our female soldiers at VA clinics and hospitals. No female doctors, if requested, for gynecological exams, counseling for sexual abuse, women's restrooms, privacy, etc.. We were shocked to read how bad the care and treatment is for these precious, brave women who also risk their lives and sometimes leave behind their babies and children for our country.

Ask them if this system works?

Theresa and Gary Gundrum


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