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LETTER: Monaghan fights for us

Commentary • Apr 8, 2010 at 12:34 AM

We recommend Bill Monaghan for Erie County Commissioner. Our township, Groton, had severe flooding in the spring of 2008. We have been working with county agencies and the commissioners to find permanent solutions that will benefit our residents. Throughout this process, Bill Monaghan has been deeply involved to the point of attending many of our meetings, listening and collecting facts and data, researching the problem and coming up with the best possible solutions for our residents.

We believe Bill will continue to fight for us and that he would do the same for any other township that has problems in the future. It is refreshing to have a man with a business background who is sincere in his efforts to come to the aid of residents in their time of need.

We ask all voters who care about our county to support Bill Monaghan for commissioner.

Terry Adams, Ken Rospert

Greg Russell, Mike Willis

Nick Belfiore

Four County Drainage Committee

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