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LETTER: Stop polluting the bay

Commentary • Apr 7, 2010 at 3:18 AM

The flow of combined sanitary sewage waste and surface water (street and ground) has been entering our bay for many years. It occurs when the sewage treatment plant cannot process the sudden increase in volume. The combined sewer and street waters enters the bay, untreated, through about 15 combined sewer overflows. These releases are frequent during the rainy season. The flow of these polluted waters into the bay is similar to flushing toilets into a home pool. Not a very comforting thought!

Now is the time to seal and remove the CSOs!

In 1972 Congress passed the Clean Water Act to ensure pollution was identified and removed. Further amendments tightened the requirements. In the year 2000 Municipalities were mandated to reduce or eliminate CSOs. Federal funding is and has been available for cities with detailed action improvement plans. However, Sandusky is late to the party. Investment money can be negated by the uncertainty of continuing clean bay. The recent emphasis on Great Lakes restoration also is growing its funding for clean ER waters. Our citizens should demand the city fathers focus on this much needed removal of CSOs. Acquiring funding for this project will bring jobs, tax revenues and most of all, protection and improvement to our "Jewel."

STOP polluting Sandusky Bay!

Denny Byington


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