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LEADS FORUM: Where is Christian America?

Commentary • Apr 1, 2010 at 3:02 AM


Controller, Providence Care Center

Member, Leadership Erie County Class of 2010

Yes, I said, "Christian" America. This is a Christian nation despite what some of our government leaders would have you believe. There has been a very slow, sickening, dark, creeping, undertow happening in America. This undertow is taking place without many of us noticing that anything is happening. Or, if we have noticed, maybe we are allowing it by not getting involved. Please take a moment to look back at President Reagan's 1981 Christmas Address to the Nation. It will take you back to the days when we, as American citizens, were proud of our country's Christian heritage. Contrast this with President Obama's speech when he stated, in part, to the president of Turkey, "We do not consider ourselves a Christian nation." This leaves a great feeling of disappointment in my heart as a Christian American.

Our government has progressively diminished our Judeo-Christian identity and replaced it with a secular identity. Our "leaders" have mislead our youth (and perhaps unsuspecting adults) into believing that separation of Church and State means that we cannot have any religious beliefs and symbols in government -- that there is no place for religion at all in government. This is far from the truth. Our Christian founding fathers wrote our Constitution based on biblical principles. Their intent for "separation of Church and State" was a Constitutional guarantee that every American would have religious freedom. They built our nation on the authority of God and did not want the government to interfere with anyone's ability to worship as they chose.

Our government once had many visible symbols to daily remind us of our Godly heritage. Some of these symbols were marriage (between a man and a woman), respect for the elderly, the Ten Commandments, the Bible and prayer in schools. These symbols were found in government buildings, public schools and society in general and served as a moral compass to the public. Society seemed to be much more civilized, polite, and orderly. At what point did our leaders decide that these things were bad for our society and replace them with tolerance to immorality?

And we expect God to continue to bless us as a nation?

Christians in America need to do a sanity check. We need to look back at America's beginning -- George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, to name a few of our founding fathers. These men, although not perfect, were Godly men who built one nation under God. They fervently prayed before meetings and government sessions. They built this nation on the authority of God, not man. Who can deny that our civil laws are based on Judeo-Christian biblical laws? But now, we are no longer one nation under God. We have many gods. We are losing our moral values and replacing them with tolerance to anything and everything because we want to be politically correct and careful not to offend anyone.

We have become tolerant to the fact that our children are learning about alternate lifestyles, evolving from apes and all of the methods needed to protect themselves from the diseases caused by premarital sex, not to mention the possibility of pregnancy. We have become tolerant to their disrespectfulness to teachers, parents and other adults; tolerant to their lack of self-discipline; tolerant to their attitude of entitlement; and tolerant to their need for immediate gratification. Wow, have we become tolerant! We are tolerant to everything except our own moral, biblical heritage.

Please, view President Reagan's 1981 Christmas message on YouTube. It actually shows a nativity scene with baby Jesus. President Reagan unashamedly declares that God blessed this great nation and that Jesus Christ is the promised Prince of Peace. As humble as President Reagan was, he commanded great respect as a moral, Christian leader of our nation. I am not suggesting that it is the role of government to teach morality. But government leadership certainly sets the tone for our society. We need to pray for our president and our government. We need to be involved and we need to lead by example.

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