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LETTER: GOP embarrasing

Commentary • Mar 29, 2010 at 4:57 AM

The way Republicans have been acting is very disturbing: spitting on people, threatening people's families, throwing bricks through Congressional offices, calling people hurtful names -- finally Republicans are showing their true colors. I'd expect that from a communist country.

Can you people who are doing this look your kids in their faceS and tell them you are acting like this to repeal heath care that will benefit them, that closes the doughnut hole for seniors' medications.

The actions of John Boehner are unacceptable. You do not speak for Ohio. You have a big mouth and spew a lot of hatred and anger. "Shame on you" isn't strong enough to express how much you embarrass Ohio voters. In general Ohio voters are good people. Don't bring us down to your level.

Dan Protzman

Bay View

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