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Commentary • Mar 28, 2010 at 1:48 AM

Thumbs UP to some more good economic news, finally, as home sales and home sale prices increased in our five-county area, even as Cleveland and Toledo continue to get bad news. It's a distorted number, to be sure, because sales in the Firelands area and in neighboring counties are reported in a way that makes them count twice, but local real estate brokers say the rise in prices indicates the news ahead might not be so bad.

Thumbs UP for the continued hopes pinned on Johns Manville's planned relocation to the former Tenneco Automotive manufacturing plant in Milan. The roofing materials maker wants to move into the former auto parts maker's plant, which will replace many of the jobs lost when Tenneco's manufacturing side headed south -- and replace some of the village's lost income tax revenue.

Thumbs DOWN for wanting to get rid of your cake and eating it too. Ohio Senate President Bill Harris, R-Ashland, doesn't really care for the proposed passenger rail link from Cleveland to Cincinnati, but he doesn't want to give back the $25 million in stimulus money earmarked for a passenger rail study. We're told Ohio doesn't have to give it back, but it seems to us killing the idea before it's born is a way to make sure the money spent so far is wasted.

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