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LETTER: Gov't health care can work

Commentary • Mar 28, 2010 at 1:47 AM

Both sides of the debate on the national health care bill have conveniently overlooked an important fact. We have had a national system in place for years.

It's run by the Veterans Administration. VA hospitals serve millions of veterans every years who have no insurance and have done so for decades, at virtually no cost at all to the vet, paid for by our tax dollars.

More importantly, all sicknesses are covered and treated. No insurance bureaucrats to turn down treatment. If you're sick, you're treated, period.

Doctors at the Ohio Veterans Home in Sandusky and at the VA facility in Cleveland are as good as any private service.

The non-treatment for Agent Orange was blocked by politicians, not doctors. The system is not perfect, but it does work and works well when left alone.

Paul Rudolf


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