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REGISTER VIEWPOINT: Make two visions work together in Perkins

Sandusky Register Staff • Mar 23, 2010 at 6:25 PM

To make something happen, first have a vision, explore the possibilities, gather like minds and then shape a plan.

Perkins residents are doing just that with the ambitious plan for their schools of the 21st century. A vision of an all-encompassing campus at the Campbell Street site of their present high school would utilize that property and its surrounding area for the good of township students well into the future.

Just down the street -- at Strickfaden Park -- another plan is taking shape. Township park board members are seeking input about the use of 30 acres.

Both groups are open to suggestions, both are looking to maximize benefits for present and future generations of township residents. Because of the proximity of these properties, those involved in the planning of these projects and those tapped to bring these plans to fruition would do well to coordinate efforts and ideas.

Community involvement in the planning stages of both projects will help ensure the township will make it work.

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