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Commentary • Mar 23, 2010 at 6:24 PM

Thumbs DOWN to the miscommunication -- we hope that's all that it was -- that led to the crowd of Cedar Fair unitholders left standing outside the State Theatre after traveling, in some instances, great distances only to find out the unitholders' vote on the proposed sale to Apollo Global had been postponed. Yes, Cedar Fair, this is a big deal -- perhaps bigger to those whose stake is smaller, but no less important to them.

Thumbs UP and a side of hash browns to the new jobs coming to New Horizons Baking Co. in Norwalk -- 25 jobs over three years, as its Genesis Division expands to make 144 million more muffins a year.

Thumbs DOWN to Rep. Dennis Kucinich, D-Cleveland, no matter what you think of the health care reform bill -- for abandoning his principled demand of a public option and submitting to President Obama's blandishments aboard Air Force One because, as Dennis the Menace put it, Obama's presidency is more important. Forgive us, Dennis, for holding on to the illusion this is a government of laws (and, once upon a time, principles), not men.

Thumbs DOWN -- because we're trying to be family-oriented here -- to the mental and moral minimalists who expressed their, um, concern over Sandusky's homeless problem by dousing with torch fluid the shanty an unnamed benefactor built for "Dumpster Don" Dezanett. The best that can be said about this story is that it showcased Sandusky's best and worst -- whoever built the shanty and whoever vandalized it. Decide for yourself which represents what.

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