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LOCAL VOICES: Obama doesn't listen on health care

Commentary • Mar 23, 2010 at 6:24 PM

By TOM HAYES, co-founder of Patriots-Unite.com and co-organizer of healthcare forum in Sandusky

He's like a stubborn little boy. You tell him to get back in his room and go to bed. It's after 10 p.m., but he refuses to listen and doesn't respect your wishes. You have had a long day and you know that it is best for him to get some sleep, so that he can do well in the morning. You have had an exhausting day, and you certainly don't need a stubborn, spoiled child to contend with. Yet, you try to do the right thing. You've talked to him, read to him, given him a little something to drink, and told him that you cared for him and loved him. Then you prayed with him, that God would protect him, your family and all those around you. Finally, you have to close that bedroom door and end your appeasing and stand firm. He can pout or cry all he wants, but you don't give in anymore!

Unfortunately, it's not a stubborn little boy I'm referring to. It's the President of the United States. And it's not about getting a good night's sleep -- it's about one sixth of our nation's economy, our health care!

President Obama for 14 months now has hammered and hammered us with his health-care wishes. He wanted a bill on his desk by July, then by Thanksgiving, and then by Christmas. News briefs, photo-ops, health-care summits almost every day for 14 months have resulted in polls that were once positive and are now negative. The president's town halls were controlled with his supporters seen behind him for a great backdrop photo-op. Most of the senators and representatives couldn't stage their town halls, however, and the people were able to express their concern and anger. As far as I know, our representative, Marcy Kaptur, has refused to face her constituents for months in a town hall meeting.

I, like most concerned citizens, want sensible reforms. I, like most others, will do what I can to prevent a government takeover of our health care system. This bill creates more than 100 new bureaucracies. It forces everyone to purchase health care insurance and fines those who refuse. It forces everyone who pays taxes to assist in the killing of unborn children. Yes, you could very well be paying for someone's abortion.

(Editor's note: NETWORK, a Catholic advocacy group claiming to represent "tens of thousands" of nuns in the United States, supports the Senate health care reform bill for its funding of community health centers, saying it does not provide tax money for "elective abortions." The group breaks with the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, which claims the bill does not do enough to restrict abortion.)

Seniors will be unjustly burdened with much of the cost of this partisan bill. Seniors' Medicare will be stripped of an astonishing $500 billion even though Medicare will go bankrupt in about six years. To create a new federal entitlement by nearly killing an existing one makes no sense! Seniors should be up in arms over both this and the backroom deal that is keeping AARP silent. Can anyone tell me why Congress and AARP have turned their backs on seniors?

President Obama has stated there will be no more earmarks and backroom deals in his administration, but he has signed several bills that included thousands of earmarks. He encouraged passage of the health care bill, knowing it included special deals and kickbacks (Arkansas, Connecticut, Florida, Nebraska, and union deals are still included). Now pardons are being given and lifetime judgeship appointments are being given to congressmen's family members. How many more backroom deals will be made??

He promised transparency and bipartisanship, and then shut out the C-SPAN cameras and in essence the American citizens.

Unfortunately we can no longer trust the President. He can have his face on TV every day and tell us his wishes, but he, Marcy Kaptur, and many in Congress are not listening to us. There seems to be a disconnect. Month after month we have told him, but he keeps opening the door, ignoring our wishes and pouting about his agenda. Like parents who finally put their foot down, we are resolved to do the right thing. If this health care bill passes, the American voters will rise up as if our very own lives and our country depended on it! If our voices are ignored now, I guarantee you, they will be heard in November!

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