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LETTER: Where's downtown focus?

Commentary • Mar 23, 2010 at 6:24 PM

It troubles me that people don't see the bigger picture as far as strengthening a city. People get angry that the city "wastes" money on projects such as revitalizing historic buildings, preserving waterfront space for public use, creating new parks, etc. because they feel the most importance use of money is to create jobs.

What they don't understand is that without a functional, livable, presentable city to start with, there's no reason for any company to bring its jobs our way. The places that are surviving the recession the best are places that capitalize on their assets, and do so in a sustainable way -- whether it be capitalizing on a center of higher education, a geological feature, or simply local history.

Sandusky doesn't capitalize on its true sustainable assets. All Sandusky capitalizes on is Cedar Point and Perkins Township sees more of the tourist expenditure than the city of Sandusky does.

All one has to do is study how other cities are succeeding to see what Sandusky is capable of. Any really nice city understands the success of its central business district, its downtown, is the most crucial element of the city flourishing. It takes political will to save a downtown, and I feel like the city doesn't take a strong enough stance for its downtown. There are codes in place as to how people have to keep up their residences, ye the businesses downtown are free to just board up windows and let things fall apart. I don't understand why this is permitted. We won't see any future development downtown until we truly get proactive about what we want our city to be. There seems to be little vision. We're just scuffling our feet along.

Tobias Casillas


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