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LETTER: Paper disrespects police

Commentary • Mar 23, 2010 at 6:24 PM

Shame on you, Sandusky Register! Although it's not a surprise to me, the line-of-duty death of Patrolman James Kerstetter of the Elyria Police Department appeared on Page A3 of your rag of a newspaper March 17. It was hidden on the lower left of that page next to the Macy's ad and only above an article on work to be done on Hayes Avenue. Articles about Dumpster Don and Commissioner Nuesse appear in the headlines whenever they occur, but the death of this hero was not noteworthy enough to gain that respect. It's very obvious that your paper does not care for the Sandusky Police Department and possibly law enforcement in general, but to disrespect this officer was preposterous. And so that the paper does not have to add a footnote to my letter, I am a retired Sandusky Police Officer and a proud member of FOP Lake Erie Lodge 17 in Erie County.

Ron Susana

Perkins Twp.

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