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LETTER: Moving women forward

Commentary • Mar 23, 2010 at 6:24 PM

The Sandusky Branch of the American Association of University Women paid me a great honor March 9 by remembering me and others who had spearheaded their start 50 years ago, including Jackie Auble and her mother, Marilyn Tambling, Ann Giesler, Dorothy Laws and Janet Senne.

In a few sentences, I told them that at age 25 I had been elected president of another branch in Middletown, Ohio, and that summer, 1953, had traveled to the Minneapolis Convention Hall as a delegate to the national convention where I witnessed a long line-up of women, dressed in black (the clothing of their day) when they had witnessed the founding of the organization 50 years before.

From the first, AAUW's purpose had been to spur educated women to go on to higher degrees. Perhaps AAUW may be an anachronism now, since women have reached for the stars and have achieved wondrous feats as teachers, scientists and leaders in all fields!

My daughter Robin, a former president in Delaware, Ohio, and my son Richard, a professor at Bowling Green State University, were there at the Sandusky meeting. Had my mother been there, she would have thanked them for the wonderful honor bestowed! She had walked with the suffragettes in New York and had shaken the hand of Carrie Chapman Katt.

Point is: We need champions and role models, and the local AAUW holds teas, as well as raising money a variety of ways all the time, to raise money to encourage and help young women to go for it and follow their dreams with eagerness.

Rosalie Oldrieve


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