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LETTER: Hatred, stupidity and war

Commentary • Mar 23, 2010 at 6:24 PM

In a recent letter to the editor, one of the writers seemed to be upset to the point of hate toward a whole bunch of Oriental people whom we fought in W.W. II, Korea and Vietnam. You really have to pity someone who is filled with these feelings, because this is not very good thinking and frankly, to me, it smacks of racism.

Following his logic, we should hate the Germans even more. We fought two wars against Germany and more Americans were killed by Germans than by Japan, Korea and Vietnam combined. They build cars too! Should we not buy BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Audi? How about we ban lederhosen and beer? Come to think about it, maybe we should not buy Italian cars because we fought with them too, in World War. II. We could rename pizza "freedom pie" to teach them a lesson!

Then, of course, there is Spain, who blew up the Maine, except they didn't, the boiler exploded, an excellent pretext for gaining all of that territory. War is crap!

The point is, we need to stop all of this hatred of people we have fought against. We were put on the battlefield by our government and so were they! Maybe we need to vote in people who won't send us into these stupid unnecessary wars. Maybe someone should ask these American workers in these foreign-owned plants, many of whom are vets and make great money, if they care where the profits go.

Larry Kritzell


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