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LETTER: Defending Johnson

Commentary • Mar 23, 2010 at 6:24 PM

Recently I've read several letters talking about Mrs. Johnson, Erie County Clerk of Courts, and her handling of the clerk job.

I've learned it is so easy to criticize a person instead of looking at the real problem. The real problem isn't Mrs. Johnson or anybody else can't do anything without the necessary funds. See I have been down there myself and have seen first-hand the hard work Mrs. Johnson and her staff do.

Now when it comes to Mrs. Johnson personally, I have to look at her character. First she is a born-again Christian, trustworthy, honest, kind and is respectable. Some of us like to point fingers but never even take time to get to know the person.

Mrs. Johnson is a person who will always give you her very best. I will take people with character any day over people with popularity.

Albert E. Porter


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