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Finish the job

Sandusky Register Staff • Mar 23, 2010 at 6:25 PM

Even one death is a tragedy, but I'm sick of the media using the number of military deaths in Iraq as an actual news story and trying to steer American support away from the war.

Three thousand is a big number but when you consider our fatalities in World War II were over 400,000, in Korea we suffered 33,000 deaths and Vietnam claimed 58,000 American lives, it should be news that our tactics and medical know-how have saved thousands of troops' lives.

The media shouldn't use the sacrifice of our all-volunteer service members to sway reaction to the war. Regardless of how our leadership got support for the war, we are there now and we need to finish the job and try to bring a bit of stability to an otherwise savage place in the world. I don't think a paltry 20,000 troops is going to do it. I think we should go in with 200,000.

The cowardly, un-American view of liberals will result in more military deaths as emboldened guerillas harass our retreating forces. The task of bringing stability to a country such as Iraq may seem impossible, but we are America, a country built to accomplish the impossible. We can do it; it'll take patience and determination. I think that splitting the country between the three factions isn't a bad idea and needs some serious consideration; the only thing that leaving on a time table is going to do is put our troops in increased harm's way.

Consider a point never brought up in the media: Our main enemies in World War II were Germany and Japan and over 60 years after both countries fell, the U.S. still maintains bases in both of those countries.

William T.M. Theisen


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