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Five minutes with Cheap Girls

John Benson • Nov 5, 2010 at 12:43 PM

Michigan-based power-pop act Cheap Girls — Ian Graham (bass, vocals), Ben Graham (drums) and Adam Aymore (guitar) — admittedly doesn’t have a musical connection to “The Big Lebowski.” Then again, what exactly would that be? A nemo sound (nihilist rock?) or combined hatred of The Eagles? Whatever the case, Funcoast talked to Graham about his group’s Lemonheads-meets-Superchunk sound, inappropriate urination and, of course, The Dude.

Funcoast: So where does the band stand regarding “The Big Lebowski?”

Ian Graham: We all love the movie. We were just asked to do this show by an indirect friend of ours. But I don’t think there’s a parallel between the band and that movie.


FC: Well, let’s see if we can find one. Do you love White Russians?

IG: It’s been years since I had a White Russian. I’m pretty bad about milky drinks. They don’t really stay in the stomach very well.


FC: OK then. How about the idea of, well, um, peeing on rugs?

IG: You know, we were talking about an hour ago about random places we’ve peed, or that I’ve peed. I don’t think I’ve ever actually peed on a rug. I peed on my roommate’s door one time and in a girl’s car speaker one time. Last night a friend of mine and I were in Virginia, drunk and walking around, when we decided to just pee behind this car, which we later found out was a police department employee’s car. So we were essentially in the employee parking lot of the police station. That could have ended badly.


FC: Not as badly as having your rug peed on, but sure. What about bowling?

IG: I love bowling. My brother (the drummer) and I were always on the bowling leagues growing up. I mean, we’re not great bowlers but I love it.


FC: So it’s safe to assume this is the first time Cheap Girls has played a bowling alley?

IG: Yeah, I think so. In other bands, I’ve played several bowling alleys so it’s not that weird but this is the first time we’re playing at a bowling alley.


FC: If Jeff Bridges’ character The Dude was the fourth member of Cheap Girls, how would that work?

IG: We always bring a tag-along friend who is our goodtime kind of guy. So I think The Dude would be that guy. We’d do a tour with him, bring him along for moral support.

Want more info about Cheap Girls? Head to myspace.com/cheapgirls.

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