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Readers want more

Alex Green • Sep 29, 2014 at 5:29 AM


Online users asked for more information about a story in Wednesday's edition of the Register regarding the Alexander Reitzel trespassing case.

The story was brief to avoid redundancy from previous articles published by the Register.

Ottawa County assistant Prosecutor Joe Gerber withdrew a motion to revoke Reitzel's diversion on Monday. Reitzel signed an Alford plea — which does not admit his guilt — in July to attempted burglary for a December 2013 incident in which he was found on State Rep. Chris Redfern's, D- Catawba, property.

The $845,000 home was for sale at the time, and attorney Tom DeBacco has repeatedly said Reitzel and his family were interested in buying the home with the means to buy it.

The deal ensured Reitzel will not serve any prison time and he will likely remain void of any criminal record. The charges will likely be dismissed after one year of diversion, DeBacco said recently.

Diversion is a judicial process similar to probation, that sometimes requires the offender to perform community service hours or avoiding certain people.

About two weeks passed in which the defense thought the case was all but over, but Ottawa County Prosecutor Mark Mulligan filed a motion to revoke Reitzel's diversion after Reitzel encountered Redfern on two separate occasions in late July.

A previous Register article reported Reitzel and Redfern encountered one another once at the Catawba Island Club and again at the Crew's Nest in Put-in-Bay.

DeBacco said the encounters were coincidental. At one point, Reitzel passed Redfern on his bicycle and kept on going, DeBacco said.

"(Reitzel) didn't even know it was Redfern," DeBacco said.

But the motion to revoke Reitzel's diversion was withdrawn Monday. A new term was added to his diversion, however: stay 500 feet away from Redfern.

One online user suggested Wednesday's story was leaked by Redfern, which is not accurate.

Redfern has been explicitly critical of the Register's reporting of this case.

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