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No suspects in 'roofie' incidents

Register • Jul 21, 2015 at 3:17 PM

The Ottawa County sheriff's office continues its investigation of an alleged "roofie rape" May 4, awaiting a response from the state crime lab. 

Sheriff's detective Amanda Cross is "waiting for any information to be received from BCI in regards to the evidence that was submitted to them for analysis," Ottawa County Sheriff Steve Levorchick told the Register last week. 

BCI is the state's Bureau of Criminal Identification, which is an arm of the Ohio Attorney General's office. 

The alleged victim told a trauma nurse at a hospital where she went that a manager at the bar where she worked asked her out for drinks after a shift. She went unconscious at some point while she was with him and awoke to find the man on top of her. She struggled and told him "no" before he raped her, according to a police report.

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The Put-in-Bay police have received numerous other complaints from visitors who said they experienced unconsciousness while at Put-in-Bay.

PIB police chief Ric Lampela has declined comment about the reports, and about whether any information has been developed pinpointing any suspects.

Detective Cross previously said there were likely no traces of any drugs the victims may have ingested because testing for it wasn't requested immediately and the complaints filed with police came days after the alleged druggings.

"We are investigating to try and determine what this drug/poison may be so we can know how to proceed," Cross told the Register.

The term "roofie" is commonly used to describe the drug Rohypnol, a sedative first manufactured in the 1970s and used by hospitals for deep sedation. It became known as the date-rape drug after reports of rapes involving unconscious victims.

People can dose other people "without their knowledge by dropping whole or crushed Rohypnol tablets into their drinks. When Rohypnol is dissolved in a drink, you usually can't see it, smell it, or taste it," according to information provided by the Rape Treatment Center, UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica. 

If you are 'dosed,' you probably won't know you're being drugged, according to the center.

On June 7, two women passed out mid-afternoon at Mist swim-up bar, and paramedics believe they were also drugged, according to a Put-in-Bay police report.

"The EMS worker informed me that it was most likely (sic) ruphy and stated that there will probably be a lot more individuals getting (sic) ruphied," police said in their report.

Additionally, on June 13, three women and two men believed they were also drugged at a bar, according to a Put-in-Bay police report.

The group lost consciousness for several hours after posing for a picture with a group of unknown men at Mojito Bay, where they claim someone slipped drugs into their drinks.

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Police investigated another complaint from a woman who became violently ill and went unconscious when she visited Put-in-Bay July 1. 

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