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Drugged unconscious

Register • Jul 21, 2015 at 3:13 PM

Despite speculation at social media sites, a woman who contends she was raped after being drugged by a co-worker May 5 is the only reported sexual assault his office has received from Put-in-Bay police, according to Ottawa County Sheriff Steve Levorchick. 

The woman told a trauma nurse she and her boss went for drinks after a work shift and she lost consciousness. When she awoke the man was on top of her. She told him "no" before he raped her, according to the complaint filed with Put-in-Bay police. 

There are no other reports of sexual assaults from island police, or any complaints involving any other victims losing consciousness and being raped or assaulted, sheriff's detective Amanda Cross said.  

One woman who filed a complaint told police she became violently ill and went unconscious. She suspected she was drugged, according to a police report, but does not suspect she was raped.

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Comments at the readers section of sanduskyregister.com and at other social media sites suggest others who visited Put-in-Bay might have been drugged. 

"Wow, again," one woman posted at the Register's Facebook Page. "I had this happen to me about three months ago. It was scary as hell. I'll never drink at a bar again." 

A trauma nurse reported the May 5 rape to PIB police after the victim went to a Monroe, Mich., hospital. 

An investigation of the attack was delayed a week, however, after inaccurate information in the PIB report led to a misunderstanding whether the woman wanted to pursue charges against her alleged attacker. The sheriff's office received a copy of the report May 6, but an investigation wasn't started until May 13 when a victim's advocate made contact with the sheriff's office. 

The initial PIB report stated an officer spoke to the victim and she did not want to pursue charges because she was afraid of losing her job. The woman quit the job, however, after the attack, and the officer never spoke to her before filing the report.  

PIB police can't get it right

The woman went to a Toledo hospital May 7, three days after the attack, where a rape kit was done, according to Detective Cross. But determining if the woman was drugged will be difficult because any drugs she might have ingested prior to the alleged rape were "gone by that time," Cross said. 

"There's no evidence thus far that can prove that," Cross said, also because nobody has come forward with information about anyone seeing someone slipping something into another person's drink.

Suspected drugging also is being investigated following complaints from five others about experiencing periods of unconsciousness when they visited Put-in-Bay, but there also are no witnesses who've said they saw a person slip drugs into any of their drinks. 

Investigators checked with island businesses where the visitors told them they went prior to losing consciousness, but there was no surveillance video from any of the establishments from the dates of the alleged incidents. The surveillance equipment used by the businesses does not archive video.

Reaction to Register news articles about the alleged druggings has been swift, with some expressing deep concern.

"You better be careful," one commenter warned.

Some readers offered advice on how people can protect themselves from being drugged. 

"Never leave your drink unattended," one posted.

Another reader commenting at the SR Facebook Page said: "Don't put your drink down. Don't accept drinks from anybody you don't know, including bar owners, managers, etc. Try to watch them make your drink when possible."

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