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Chief wants deputies to show respect

Register • Nov 23, 2014 at 10:51 AM

The Norwalk Police Department will not be working with Huron County sheriff’s deputies on any joint operations again, anytime soon.

Police Chief Dave Light cited a botched raid at 114½ Benedict Ave. as just the latest example of sheriff’s deputies having a “lack of training, experience and being outright overzealous.”

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Light said he asked Sheriff Howard last year to back down from taking the lead on drug investigations inside the city and told him he wanted more cooperation from deputies.

But the sheriff increased drug investigations and search warrants in the city in response, according to Light, disrupting local investigations and raising concern for public safety.

Deputies are operating below standard and showing a “lack of respect and professional courtesy for our department and our citizens,” Light told NPD detective Jim Fulton in an internal police document.

Light asked Fulton to brief him on any interaction police had with the sheriff’s office regarding the Benedict Avenue search. Fulton responded telling Light sheriff’s deputies were fully informed they had a bad search warrant before deputies raided the wrong home and detained the wrong person.

Light also told Fulton to step back, for now, from interacting with the sheriff’s office on any new cases.

“In addition, please refrain from working any ‘joint investigations’ with the HCSO until further notice,” Light told Fulton.

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