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Bellevue-Clyde: The other side of risk

Michael Truax • Sep 10, 2011 at 1:38 AM

Just like Bellevue's first drive of the Perkins game in Week 1, the Redmen coaching staff decided to go for a fourth-down conversion against Clyde on their side of the field on the opening drive.

Unlike the outcome against Perkins, Bellevue's attempt against Clyde failed.

I singled the Week 1 call out as one that I liked against the Pirates, and I'll stand by it here: it was the correct call to make.

The Redmen avoided trouble on that drive, forcing the Fliers to punt after a drive of -1 yards.

The Fliers took a similar risk in the third quarter. Grasping onto an 8-0 lead with around eight minutes to play in the quarter, the Fliers ran a dive for quarterback Ryan Meyer on fourth and inches from their own 40 and made it.

Bellevue finished 0 for 2 on fourth-down conversions and Clyde was 2 for 2.

Bend 'til they break

Though the Bellevue defense had been solid all game up to that point, the Fliers finally found a way to move the ball on the ground late in the third quarter, leading to their second touchdown and the 14-0 lead.

Starting from the 50-yard line with 2:44 to go, the Fliers called Brad Smith's No. 26 for three straight rushes, resulting in 11 yards and a first down. Seth Stockmaster followed with a 10-yard carry for another first down at the 29-yard line. Smith got the call again, shrugging off two tacklers and following his blocker up the left side for 20 yards, setting up Meyer for a six-yard scramble to the Bellevue 3-yard line. Smith ran off-tackle as the clock expired on the third quarter for the score.

I picked Bellevue

In my weekly winner picks, I went with the Redmen and their strong 2-0 start to the season over the 0-2 Fliers. I was wrong, of course.

The explanation is easy: Santoro had started the season with two strong weeks — really strong in the case of the Clear Fork game with 284 all-purpose yards with seven touchdowns — against a Clyde defense that struggled in a pair of losses.

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