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Danbury starts slow, then waxes Woodward

Michael Truax • Sep 3, 2011 at 12:47 PM

Danbury's first drive of the game was by far its weakest. With just one first down -- by penalty -- on its first push, the Lakers needed a jolt.

Cue Danbury's Lucas Kennedy. On defense.

Following a bad snap and punt that allowed Woodward to bring it back all the way back to Danbury's 20, the Lakers were in trouble. On the Polar Bears' very first play from scrimmage, however, a Danbury glove ripped the ball free from Woodward's running back. It skittered along the grass with falling players on its trail.

Kennedy, an All-Ohio defensive back in 2010, threw himself on it shoulder first for Lakers possession.

Danbury responded to the good fortune with a two-play, 80-yard drive for a touchdown.


The Lakers had trouble on substitutions throughout the night, starting plays at several points with just 10 players on the field, and rushing the 11th man onto the grass just in time in at least one more.

Counting for the Danbury should be easy enough with only 25 players on the roster.


There was little deception needed in the Lake Show's deep strike game on Friday night:

1) Skinny-post route for 70 yards in the first quarter. Had Kennedy's throw been able to catch Schenk in stride, he would have gone 81 for the touchdown.

2) Post route for 47 yards and a touchdown with 7:27 remaining in the second quarter. Schenk simply outran the coverage.

3) Kennedy was forced by a Polar Bear blitzer to throw off his back foot from the Woodward 21, shorting Schenk's crossing route in the end zone. Schenk made a diving catch at the 2-yard line, setting up a Cooper Eller touchdown.

4) After a Brandon Bahnsen sweep and two Kennedy Carries to open a third-quarter drive, Kennedy hit made Schenk dive for his second touchdown of the night, sending the senior receiver rolling through the end zone.

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