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Did OSU do enough?

Mike Greco • Jul 8, 2011 at 7:25 PM

Now that Ohio State has announced it will vacate its wins from the 2010 season, which includes a Big Ten championship, a win over Michigan and victory over Arkansas in the Allstate Sugar Bowl, did the university do enough?

They took significant steps with Friday’s announcement concerning the NCAA’s investigation of memorabilia-for-cash scandal that was brought to light in December.

It led to coach Jim Tressel's resignation, the suspension of five players and ultimately the decision to leave the program by one (Terrelle Pryor).

The university is also putting the football program on probation for two yeas, which means there would be harsher penalties if any further wrongdoing is discovered.

That doesn’t mean the troubles in Columbus are over. The governing body for college sport could impose more sanctions, such as a ban of postseason play and the reduction of scholarships.

The Buckeyes did take a step toward rectifying the situation, but I’m not a big fan of vacating win.

Sure, it says that the wins won’t be in the record book, but they are still around. Fans still went to the games.

You can’t just say something didn’t happen when it did.

Some may view this as another flimsy punishment and the school has a long way to redeem itself from the embarrassment of a few individuals, but at least they’ve acted somewhat.

What awaits down the line could be a lot worse.

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