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Danbury football — Part 3: 15 reasons to play

Mark Hazelwood • Oct 29, 2010 at 5:06 PM

Danbury quarterback Lucas Kennedy exited his football team's locker room and leaned back against a wall just outside the door.

In many ways, Kennedy's appearance represented the Lakers' season: tired and bruised, but dedicated.

At the mention of the Lakers' present and future as a football program, Kennedy shifted and stood straight up, standing up for the program itself.

"People that aren't in the program, they don't understand what we're trying to do," he said. "They don't get that we're not really playing for us as a team this year. We're trying to play for the kids in the elementary and junior high, so when they get up here, they have a football program. We're the caretakers of the program."

Kennedy and just 10 other players in uniform will stagger to the finish line Friday in the final game of the most challenging football season in the school's history.

"There is a fine line between courage and stupidity," Danbury coach Tim Heffernan said. "And we walk that line a lot. It's no secret that people were calling for a shutdown. ...These kids take that personally. They understand it's their job to keep the lights on."

For the rest of this story, see Friday's Sandusky Register.

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