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MOUJAES: Huron changes its stripes for win

AnthonyMoujaes • Oct 5, 2010 at 12:10 PM

The octopus.

The chameleon.

And now, the Tiger?

Indeed, an octopus and chameleon can change color to blend to their surroundings.

Huron changed its stripes Saturday in a wet-weather game, putting its Run-and-Shoot offense -- a cornerstone of the team the last two decades -- on the back burner in a 12-7 win against St. Mary CC.

Like the octopus and the chameleon, the Tigers stuck with their instinct and did what was necessary to survive.

They were cornered, down 7-6 with a little more than three minutes left on the clock in the fourth quarter. Then they pounced -- on a fumble to be precise. On the next play, Justin Hicks went in from 15 yards out for the winning score.

The Tigers took to the ground 37 times. And threw the ball just once -- an incomplete pass on fourth down.

In the locker room after the win, a 15th straight against the Panthers, head coach Tony Legando told his team he was proud of the players and coaches for sticking to the plan and staying positive in an environment that was anything but.

A slick field with rain blowing in their faces clearly wasn't suited to what Huron would have liked. But games aren't won or lost on what a team would like to do; they're won and lost on what a team is capable of doing.

Aside from the Panthers' opening series that saw a short pass turn into a 65-yard score, the Tigers were stout on defense, allowing minus-5 yards on the ground.

And credit SMCC for playing stout on the defensive side of the ball; Huron's scoring drives were 4 and 15 yards. It's not like they allowed points and yards in chunks.

Yes, the weather didn't help the footing. But both teams have to play in the conditions. Huron missed a field goal that would have been the difference after their first score -- a Brian Bollenbacher sneak from a yard out.

They were behind, and they didn't panic.

It could have been a second straight loss after a loss to Clyde, but they didn't panic.

Said Legando on responding with a win, "We're more about us than anybody else. It's about working fundamentals no matter who we play... If we make fewer mistakes, our chances are good of coming out on top. We have that to hold onto, and the kids want to play Huron football."

After a loss to St. Paul, Legando took the blame for not having his team ready. After Saturday, it seems these cats are learning to win with whatever stripes are necessary.

Now that October is here, that's a good trait to have to survive.


Turns out Sandusky junior quarterback Lucas Poggiali did break the school record for passing yards in a game.

Pogialli completed 9 of 11 attempts for a eye-popping 302 yards in Friday's 42-21 win against Lima. That's an average of 33.5 yards per completion.

The previous record was 297 by Aaron Williamson in 1999.

The breakdown of Pogialli's attempts:

n 14 yards to Tristen Jeffries

n Incomplete

n 66 yards to Westley Newton for a touchdown

n 23 yards to Jeffries

n 30 yards to Jeffries

n 7 yards to Dameyion Smith

n 27 yards to Jeffries

n 10 yards to Brock Fuqua for a touchdown

n 73 yards to Smith for a touchdown

n 52 yards to Jeffries for a touchdown

n Incomplete


The final rant this week is one of sheer relief:

I bought a stainless steel straight razor -- the old-fashioned type men shaved with before Gillette decided we need five blades -- at The Art of Shaving at Beachwood Mall in Cleveland.

Let the record show that on the Sunday, the third of October, in the year of our Lord 2010, I successfully shaved using said razor without slashing my face or neck.

If you haven't had a straight-razor shave from a barber, give Benny of Benny B's Barber Shop a call. A proper shave with a straight razor is a refreshing feeling, and Benny is plenty skilled.

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