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Words from Dickman’s funeral service

Sandusky Register Staff • Apr 20, 2015 at 11:23 AM

“Jamie’s ultimate goal was for the well-being of his brothers and sisters and the citizens he served. What more can you ask of a firefighter? Throughout that time there is one part of our relationship that never changed  — that was friendship. He put a smile on your face in good times and in bad. He was the first person to offer a helping hand when needed, and Jamie was always willing to share in your joy even though he may not be having the best day. What more can you ask of a friend? I tried to put it into words to describe Jamie. I came up with a list: caring, respectful, brave, compassionate, honorable, loyal, friendly, hardworking, eager to learn, dedicated and forgiving, son, brother, husband, father. I look at this list, and I wonder: What more can you ask of a man?”

— Perkins fire assistant Chief David Murphy 

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“People who come into the academy, we take possession of them both literally and figuratively. To lose one of my kids is heart-wrenching.”

 — Toledo battalion Chief Sally Glombowski  

“As I look all around, we are surrounded by Jamie’s brothers. I may be his sister, but these are the men Jamie loved.”

— Olivia Cheney, Dickman’s sister

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