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Frightening films a Halloween tradition

Ashley Bethard • May 13, 2015 at 8:40 AM

Movies are one of the many traditions associated with Halloween. What would Halloween be without some scary classics? To many, horror movies are part of what makes Halloween so great. This Halloween, turn the lights off, pop some popcorn and then cuddle up with these frightening flicks.

* Carrie. A 1976 classic based on a bestseller from noted horror author Stephen King, this film focuses on Carrie White, a social outcast at her high school who harbors a secret her cruel classmates aren't aware of ... until it's too late.

* Halloween. No Halloween would be complete without this 1978 film named after the holiday itself. Michael Myers escapes from a mental institution and quickly sets out to terrorize his hometown. Young Laurie Strode, played by Jamie Lee Curtis in one of her earliest roles on the big screen, is among those targeted by Myers.

* Friday the 13th. A summer camp that was the scene of a child's drowning is the setting for this 1980 horror classic. As a group of young counselors work to ready the camp for its reopening, a murderous man lets the counselors know he has other ideas.

* Dawn of the Dead. George Romero's sequel to "Night of the Living Dead," this gory 1978 classic follows a growing group of zombies and a frightened group of non-zombies as they seek refuge in a shopping mall.

* The Ring. Fans of this 2002 chiller likely never looked at their televisions in quite the same way after seeing the film. Naomi Watts must get to the bottom of a mysterious videotape that seems to leave no survivors in its wake.

* The Thing. Like cold weather? Like shape-shifting aliens? Like being scared beyond belief? Then cue up this 1982 remake that utilizes special effects to provide some truly hair-raising and scary scenes no sci-fi fan should miss.

What are your favorite Halloween flicks? Let us know in the comments below.

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