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Pizza, a play and St. Patrick's Day

Laura Barrett • May 13, 2015 at 8:40 AM

The Fun Coast: Where the departed disappear, the wake is sham-rockin’ and we party like — what? It’s 1999?

Noooo. We party like leprechauns!

And did I mention we also eat a heckuva lotta pizza?

It’s true, and that makes tomorrow sort of a pre-holiday holiday, what with the Rotary Pizza Challenge at Lyman Harbor. Did you go last year? I’m almost certain I saw you there. I mean I only had 17 pizzas; someone had to eat the remaining thousand-plus pies that were put away that night. That’s a whole lotta pizza, and thanks to you, that’s amore for needy kids who get hats, shoes and school clothes through the Rotary Clothes Kids Program. And we all get to chime in on our favorites: Last year you chose Chet & Matt’s as Best Dine-In Pizza and Eats N’ Treats won Best Take-Out. The pepperoni judges picked Pizza Hut for Best Pepperoni and after sampling 17 slices of “specialty” pizzas, my fellow judges and I picked Cameo’s Chicken Ranch Pizza as number one in that category.

Well, I did SHARE those 17 pizzas! You didn’t think... Oh never mind, just be there for the fun of it, get out of cooking dinner (and clean-up!) and support those kids — for just ten bucks — from 4-7 p.m. tomorrow. Oh, and eat a light lunch. I’ll see you there!

Now, as for that missing body, we’re all invited to a “big fat drunken Irish funeral” this weekend. Except it might be tricky to say Farewell to Finnegan as I understand somewhere in the midst of the corned beef and cabbage, the shamrock mint chocolate ice cream, Irish dancing, music and singing, the dearly departed has vanished. Hmmm. It seems Patrick James Finnegan — Paddy to his friends — won a whopping 2.2 million dollars at the slots recently but soon fell off a ladder while painting the house. Poor Paddy. And everyone (including you, me and Busty Quivers!) is eating, drinking and dancing while waiting for the will to be read. Poor Paddy. Finnegan’s Farewell is presented Friday, Saturday and Sunday and again on St. Patrick’s Day at the Buckley Funeral Home and Taxidermy (temporarily across the street from the State Theatre) and at the theater’s State Room. I’ll see you there Sunday! Did I mention one of us might even come away rich after Max reads the will? Sweeeeeet! Er, I mean, poor Paddy. Visit Funcoast.com for showtimes!

Then on Tuesday, it’s time to get your shellelagh to The Pump for St. Patrick’s Day shenanigans with the Funcoast Spotted crew. No wily leprechaun tricks here though — just free tees, beads and more from 3-5 p.m. And lots and lots of photos of YOU, in your finest Irish attire, with live video feed too — for those who weren’t wily enough to weasel out of those last couple hours of their workday. Have a cold one, won’t you, for the poor Paddy sittin’ at his desk watching you have all the fun and snag all the swag?

So there you have it — more good times than you can shake a shamrock at, right here in the middle of March.


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