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Last-minute Christmas gifts

Ashley Bethard • May 13, 2015 at 8:40 AM

 So, you waited until the last second to do your shopping, did you? Or, worst-case scenario: you completely forgot to include someone on your list. We’ve got some solutions for everyone, whether you’re simply forgetful or totally lazy. You’ve only got two days left, so you’d better get cracking.

1.) Gift Cards — These are the most obvious, as well as the most boring. But truthfully, sometimes you just have no choice. You can always give a gift card for someone’s favorite restaurant or clothing store. If you’re looking to shake things up a little bit, you can get him/her a gift card to a specialty store that you know they love, but don’t necessarily shop in all the time.

2.) Magazine Subscription — Most people like getting mail every month. It’s like getting a present year-round. Since there are thousands of magazines that cater to anyone’s particular taste, you’ll likely be able to find something that’ll pique the receiver’s interest. If you’re feeling extra benevolent, consider getting them two different subscriptions.

3.) Tickets — This is kind of brilliant, really. Most people like to go and do stuff, especially to see their favorite sports team play or enjoy a nice night out at a theatre event that they’ll love.

4.) Pre-packaged Gift Basket — You could be lame and go this route. This is even worse than the trite gift card, because instead of the recipient given the opportunity to shop for what she wants, she’s now forced to express gratitude for some cheap-smelling soap, lotion that gives her a rash and a generic loofah puff that could remove paint.

5.) Personally Curated Gift Basket — Instead of the pre-packaged type, try putting together your own. You could include the recipient’s favorite candy bar, luxury lotion and other personal things that will actually be well received. If you’re traveling, many drugstores and airport stores have quite a bit to offer.

6.) Lottery Tickets — Plenty of folks are fans of the scratch-off, quick win tickets.

7.) Cash — Clearly it’s a desperate, last-minute gift idea. But let’s be honest: no one ever turned down a $20.

Get your gifts in time: order online!

Find a website that has super speedy shipping. Quite a few websites will offer fast, overnight shipping for last-second Santas. Here are a few of our favorites, for a variety that’s sure to suit most of the people on your gift lists.

1.) NOVICA.com (in association with National Geographic) — This online store has National Geographic-inspired gifts ranging from home décor (area rugs, chess sets and games, furniture, musical instruments, sculptures, paintings and plenty more) to jewelry and clothing. The best part? Nearly all of it is extremely unique, guaranteeing that you can find something special.

2.) MaxandChloe.com — For fashionistas of all types (and Santas with every size wallet), you can find great jewelry gifts by designer (Ben-Amun, Blu Bijoux, Catherine Weitzman and more) or by price — there are “Under $500” and “Under $100” categories. You can also check out their Holiday Gift Guide, which makes shopping super easy.

3.) KitchenCollection.com — No matter what you’re looking for, you’ll probably find something for all of the foodies, bakers, chefs and other busy people in your life here. After all, who doesn’t eat? The website is simple to use, breaking down gifts in terms of category, brand, price or type. Still need convincing? The prices are pretty much better than any kitchen store around.

4.) AreYouGame.com — Most people love games. This site has all kinds of game categories, or “interests,” including adult party, family, strategy, card, dice, learning, pop culture, logic, sports and plenty more. It also does a good job of classifying games for age appropriateness. (Hint: this is one of the best gifts to give a host or hostess at a Christmas dinner/party.)

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