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Going live at I-5's

Andy Ouriel • Aug 28, 2014 at 2:41 PM


People who enjoy lakeside dining, trivia nights and live music will likely be high-fiving over the return of I-5's Bar & Grill in Huron.

The popular North Main Street establishment, closed for almost two years as the Lapp family settled personal matters, should reopen by Aug. 1, according to a Huron city council memo. 

Christina Lapp, who claimed a previous ownership stake in I-5's, is expected to become the establishment’s primary owner, as indicated in a related and tentative lease agreement with Huron.

Before the business reopens, council members must first vote on Tuesday whether or not I-5's can use a portion of public property, near the Huron Boat Basin, for outdoor seating on a deck. In prior years, council members approved this request.

No public tax dollars went toward resurrecting I-5's, Huron city manager Andy White said. In fact, Lapp's expected to pay $800 from August through November for this space as outlined in the proposed lease agreement.

“This arrangement is not a bailout by any means,” White said. “It will be nice to have it back open. It’s going to be a benefit of having additional traffic in town and having a vibrant storefront down there as opposed to a vacant lot.”

The tentative lease agreement indicates the Lapp family defaulted on paying $2,400 in past lease payments to Huron.

City council members agreed to waive this outstanding amount if Lapp fulfills all obligations in this new lease agreement. If she doesn’t, then Huron’s officials will pursue this $2,400 debt in addition to the $800 in total lease payments from August to November.

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