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Carroll holds himself accountable to the scale

FIT Staff • Aug 28, 2014 at 12:30 PM

Hello readers, this past week has been better. 

The pain of my rib injury had subsided greatly by the time my doctor ordered an Xray, so I decided not to spend the money on it. 

I had a good week of workouts at Keegan Sports Training Academy with Tony Johnson of Team 7 Fitness. 

Tony introduced me to the ropes. 

I walked into the gym and saw this steel structure sitting on the floor with 2 ½” diameter ropes coming off of it in a circular pattern. 

I asked him if he was getting ready to hook horses up to it for the county fair.  Little did I know that he had other torturous plans for it ... and us. 

He had each of us get on an end of the ropes to lift and shake the ropes in different wave patterns. 

Between each set, he had us do squats over a bucket that I really felt like picking up and vomiting in. 

When it was over, my shirt was completely drenched like I had worn it swimming.  What an amazing feeling it was afterwards, though. 

The harder Tony works me, the better I feel afterwards. 

I was proud of myself, my wife April, and my other two workout partners that day. 

I weighed in down 11 pounds from when I first started with Tony on July 28. My BMI is down 2.4 percent already. 

Seeing some results kept me motivated to continue riding my bike each night.

We had a meeting of the FIT challengers this past Saturday and one of the things we discussed was how often we are hitting the scale. 

A couple of us are weighing ourselves every morning, which is what I do. 

I will tell you that sometimes that can be very discouraging because I’ve actually weighed more the past couple days than I did on Wednesday morning of last week. 

However, as long as I know I’m exercising and not overeating, I don’t let it bother me too much. 

I believe it’s important to hold myself accountable to a scale every single day. 

A couple of the other competitors are weighing in much less frequently, which is good for them. 

I think it’s all about personal preference.  The thing that I’m learning is that I care about BMI and how my clothes fit a lot more than what the number on the scale reads. 

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