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FIT Challenger needs to make healthy choices one at a time

FIT Staff • Aug 27, 2014 at 6:20 PM

A new challenge, a new contestant. My new challenger, Robb Smithson, is incredible. 


Each person has his or her story and each story is unique to that person. 


Some people like Robb have tried every possible way to try and lose weight. He tried everything, everything except having a coach to be his guide so he could learn lifestyle changes and not just temporary fixes. 


During this challenge, I really hope that Robb learns how to live healthier all the time and not just once and awhile. 


When Robb emailed me about some of his goals, he mentioned wanting to swim, bike and run. 


Guess what? He got the perfect trainer to help with that! 


I do triathlons and teach swim lessons. It will take time to do all of those disciplines well. 


Currently, I do not have Robb doing any running or jumping exercises because we must be careful of his knees. 


Once he starts losing weight, we can gradually add in some light jogging. Our last workout was amazing. We went to a park, and I had him stepping up and down on a piece of equipment. 


When I asked him to switch legs, he said, “That means I gotta switch lungs as well.” Robb is hilarious, and I am thinking we will have a blast together these next few months. 


Another exercise I had Robb do on the playground was just as much physical as it was mental. He had to climb up and down this very awkward and difficult climbing object. 


The hard part for Robb was remembering how he did it each time so that it would get easier. 


While he was climbing, I told him that starting healthy habits isn't necessarily easy, but each time you make a healthy choice, it gets easier. 


Each time you make a good choice, it makes you feel great and it builds your confidence to make the next healthy decision. 


The more Robb chooses his steps to being healthy, the better results he will see, kind of like getting to the top of the climbing object quicker.


In the end, it's much easier to have someone helping you through this type of journey than trying to go at it alone. 


Having someone to show you the next step to take and the foothold to climb on will help you get further than you think. 


I have one last thought to share with everyone as they continue their journey. It comes from the book of Proverbs 11:14 and says, "Where there is no guidance, a people falls, but in an abundance of counselors there is safety." 


Don't go at it alone, there is strength in numbers.

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