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Bar patrons: Grow up already

Register • Aug 27, 2014 at 6:00 AM

Take a large group of people in a party mood. Add alcohol. Let the excitement of the night take hold. Tell them it's time to shut down. The party's over.

What do you get? All too often the answer is -- Trouble.

In recent weeks, trouble was the result when the crowd spilled out into the parking lot of a Milan Road bar at closing time. Sandusky police showed up and called in their buddies at Perkins PD, Cedar Point PD and Erie Co. Sheriff Department to join them in crowd control. On one occasion, shots were fired. On another, a just married groom spent his wedding night in jail.

At best, these after-hours revelries are a nuisance to the neighborhood. At worst, they are a danger to all present. Whichever, they are a threat to the bar owner's livelihood -- his liquor license.

The bar owner met with Sandusky Police chief John Orzech to try to figure out how to get a grip on this problem. The police have been present at the bar owners request at closing time on at least one occasion. He is trying to protect his clientele and his business.

The police have been present to help out. But the concentration of manpower from several police departments at one business is less than ideal.

More than one bar in the area has been shut down for just these reasons. We know people want to party, but if club patrons want to continue to have a good time, they have to get a grip on that closing time disturbance.

The police have done their part. The owner has done his part. Now it's time for the customers to do their part. It's not so much to ask to have a great place to party. 


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