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Curbside program missing details

Register • Aug 26, 2014 at 3:00 PM

The curbside program is lacking the fine details.


The main selling point of the curbside program is that it will lower the trash bills to $35. It is difficult to believe my trash bill will be cut in half. There is an old saying that when it sounds too good to be true, it usually is too good to be true.


The county claims the more customers included in the program, the lower the cost. I think way too much pressure is being applied to Sandusky due to Sandusky’s population. If Sandusky is not included, the rest of the entities will have to endure a higher cost. 


The citizens will be stuck with a monopoly of one hauler, possibly poor service, and the contract could be subject to amendments. The contractors always play the game of bidding low in order to obtain the contract and then adding on extra costs at a later date. If that should happen, it will be too late to opt out of the program, and the other haulers would have already dismantled their businesses. The customer will have no choice but to pay what is being mandated.


No details have been told to us about how the county will treat the delinquent billing and who will make up for the debt owed. I doubt the hauler or the county is going to absorb the debt. The debt may be placed on the property taxes, but in the meantime, the cost has to be absorbed by someone. The cost will always be passed down to the consumer.


Sandusky’s citizens are struggling to pay the bills, so the trash bill is going to be last on the list to get paid.


Will there be handicap provisions, senior discounts, or will all the perks vanish under the one-hauler system? Will the citizens have to pay extra for bigger items that have to be trashed? What are the restrictions? The county can’t just roll out a program without providing the fine details. We don’t wish to be informed after the fact that we will no longer be receiving the little perks some of the haulers are providing to their customers in order to stay competitive.


The January 16 implementation date is fast approaching, and no details have been released about what is included in the Request for Proposal (RFP). 


It seems like an awful lot of work for the haulers to go through an RFP process when every entity has an option to opt out. I would think the RFP process would be greatly compromised and almost impossible to bid on a project when the entities are not fully committed to the program. 


The city commissioners need to keep in mind they are not working toward what is best for the county or other entities, but what is best for Sandusky’s citizens in the way of protecting jobs and preserving the income tax base.

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