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The journey continues for previous FIT Challenge winner

FIT Staff • Aug 23, 2014 at 6:00 AM

"Limitations live only in our minds.  But if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless." Jamie Paulinetti

It's hard to believe that my round of the FIT Challenge is finished. 

I feel incredibly blessed that I was chosen to participate during that time period. 

It was very much a life-changing event that has given me much hope for my future, as well as many memories and friends. 

Even now, its still hard to believe that I won the FIT Challenge for my group, and that I broke three records. 

It's still processing for me mentally. 

Sometimes it's hard to believe it's over and that I did so well. 

However, I will admit this.  I was very determined and dedicated to getting myself to a very healthy place. 

That meant getting myself to the gym and putting the time and work in, both in and outside of the gym. 

It was hard emotionally and physically, especially in the beginning.  It was all worth it though.

I cannot thank enough the trainer who I was provided, Ryan Rose at Health & Strength.

He taught me so much during the six months I had him.  I'm eternally grateful to him and the transformation he has helped me achieve on our journey together. 

It was not just diet and exercise that he taught me. 

There were a lot of life lessons that I have learned from Ryan.

I am so very proud of him and I do deeply value and cherish the time we shared on this journey.  

Ryan spent so much extra time with me  I know he did not have to.  There are not words to describe how grateful I am to him for the changes he's helped me make. 

I am equally thankful to Bo and the rest of the staff and members at Health & Strength. 

Their love and encouragement have meant a lot to me when things were getting tough. 

Even when I tried not to show my frustrations,  it meant a lot when somebody would stop me and say something in the gym.

I am thankful that FIT Editor Brandi Barhite is allowing me to continue to share my story with you, the readers, as well. 

I approached Brandi because I know that I still have a long way to go on my path to wellness. 

However, I wanted to share more about the changes that I am experiencing outside of the gym as well this time. 

The mental, social and emotional are all just as important as the physical.

I was telling Brandi one day about the struggles I was having processing how fast my physical transformation has taken place. 

I felt it was important to write about it and share. 

For me, I was not sure if what I am going through is normal.

I also wanted to be accountable to myself and the readers so that I could stay on track to wellness.

During the middle of the FIT Challenge, things got really hard for me and was under a lot of stress. 

There came a point were I was close to giving up and walking away from it all because I was in tears every day because I was not comfortable with the attention, and Ryan was forcing me to deal with other stuff I did not want to. 

My friend Casey came to the gym one day, and I believe it was no accident that he and I were there at the same time. 

I was upset, frustrated and started to talk with him during our workout. 

During that conversation, I told him what I was thinking of doing. 

He looked at me, and said, "Trina, the inspiration that I was to you and your journey, you need to be that inspiration to somebody else.  Suck it up and deal with it.  Everyone else knows you got this.  You need to believe it, too." 

Those words really stuck with me because we may never know how we affect others lives, even if we do not know them, we can inspire them to be better people in some way.

I hope the the transition that I am going through and speak of in my future blogs keeps me accountable, as well as gives other people some inspiration and wisdom. 

Before signing off, I should say thank you to Elder-Beerman for the gift card.  It was such a surprise and much appreciated. 

Thank you for supporting me during this important transition in my life and understanding.  My Elder-Beerman family is such an amazing group of people and I am thankful for you all. 

To the current challengers: Stick with it, even when it gets hard, and believe me, it will. 

The pay off and rewards will be worth it in the end, I promise. 

Though I am not where I want to be, I am where I am supposed to be at the present time.  

The rewards that I am experiencing right now from my efforts are worth it and the memories will last a life time for sure.  Godspeed to you all.  

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