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Waugh faces huge battle with her body fat

FIT Staff • Aug 20, 2014 at 4:20 PM

We cannot yet accurately calculate the pounds of fat or lean mass on FIT Challenger Sherry Waugh. This is because our tools for calculating body fat will not accurately work in Sherry's case. 

Using a rough equation that uses general multipliers and girth measurements, we can approximate her body fat percent to be upwards of 63 percent.  

This would put the total pounds of fat on her body at around 172 pounds.  

I may have to check the record on this, but she may be the FIT Challenger with the largest portion of body composition from adipose tissue.  

Only 101 pounds of her body composition does not come from fat.  This means Sherry has a big challenge ahead of her.  

Not only does she need to reduce body fat, but she needs to increase lean muscle tissue.  

Sherry has already demonstrated she is a tough lady and she is more than capable of doing what she needs to do in the next six months.  

She will be working with a number of trainers at Bodi N Balance as I will be in and out of the state in the next couple of months demonstrating our new fitness program to the U.S. Army.  

Sherry has already made a home in the area's one and only rowing group fitness class.  This low impact exercise is great for beginners and advanced alike.  

Taking advantage of the Bodi N Balance group fitness program is going to be a great supplement for Sherry as she works weekly with our personal fitness instructors to increase that ever-important lean body tissue. 

Sherry is doing well transitioning her nutrition plan to a more balanced whole food plan.

The first few weeks are always the toughest when changing eating habits. There are so many different diets out there and supplement companies to wade through.  

At Bodi N Balance we try to keep it simple and provide a plan that is made of whole foods rich in nutrients that the body needs.  

Sherry has already shown us she is a hard worker and her determination makes her easy to root for.  We are all behind her 100 percent, constantly pushing her beyond what she used to think was her limit.

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